This is a website to use in conjunction with LeechBlock an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It tracks what sites LeechBlock has blocked for you. It has two intentional (and maybe some unintentional ones) effects. You can see what times of the day you are particularly prone to procrastination attempts. Also it gives you a list of things you tried to view during your block hours so you can go back and view them later!

If you use an add-on like LeechBlock, regardless of browser, and you want it supported please open an issue.

Getting Started

To start using Leech Tracker you'll need to change your block page in LeechBlock. In each 'Block Set' go to the 'How to Block' tab and set the url to: http://leechtracker.net/block-url/?url=$U. It is simple as that. You can now or wait until you get your first block and it reminds you.